Net Router Login | is the web address that is used to manage the configuration settings for the Netgear routers. Using the web address www address you just need to login to the configuration page using the accurate username and password. is the web address that is used to manage the configuration settings for the Netgear routers. Using the web address address you just need to login to the configuration page using the accurate username and password. Once login successfully, you will be capable to perform many advance settings for the Netgear Router. The changes you can make using the address can be very basic to advance. One thing that you should remember about the address is that, this web address can only elicit the setting and configuration page for the Netgear Router. That means the web address address is register only for the Netgear routers. not working

  • Check if your router is plugged in operating power source.
  • Ensure that device which you are using in order to access your router’s interface is linked to your router’s network.
  • Still having problem connecting to your router network via WI-FI? Then try Ethernet cable.
  • Local web addresses such as or display an error message net not working, try router’s network by navigating to or in web browser.
  • If you already changed router default IP address, then no worry just type your router new IP address which will help you not to face error of not working.
  • Check if your router web networking uses JavaScript, if yes, then disable your firewalls and popup blockers, they prevent JavaScript from working.
  • If you already done above mentioned steps, then at last clear your web browser cache otherwise net not working error will remain same.
  • At last before finally adieu your router makes an effort to update router’s firmware Sometimes you see no firmware update will be required for router, but newer firmware may fix overcapacity or signaling issues.

Well we try to cover every possible reason which is creating issue of not working. You can try these tips by yourself.

Nighthawk Router login Issues

Most of the time when our user tries to access routerlogin Netgear page via, It usually display error message by saying page cannot be displayed or page cannot found. There can be a various issue behind it. Few of them we are today going to discuss with you and tips by which you can overcome this issue easily.

Well, have you also faced issue like is not working? Don’t you worry about it, just follow these simple tips and give us your feedback through posting comments in comment box.

  • First reason that you are getting error message of not working due to that you are typing in search engine bar instead of inside the address bar alone. Usually we do searches when we don’t have idea about website. When you know website then you also know which path you want to go. So modify your way of accessing Netgear page, then you will not get error message containing is not loading.
  • Another reason of error message of not working is IP address which is you set in your computer is not in the identical range according to IP address in your Netgear router.
  • If you are using wrong IP address then chances are that you will be not able to access internet connection also. Then just think how can you going to access Netgear login page, it obviously will show error message of working. Also ensure that DNS network setting are on or off, if they are off, then make sure your computer is gets its DNS passed on from the router.

WHAT IS ROUTERLOGIN.NET? is a web address to get the local access of your Netgear Router where you can make both basic and advance changes. These changes can be in the wireless settings or firmware upgrade everything is possible through It should be understood that we are specifically talking about Netgear routers because do not work on other routers i.e only triggers the netgear firmware. So if you have Netgear router can give you access to a place where you can customize settings according to your needs.


As we told you earlier opens up the settings dashboard of Netgear router which makes following changes possible :

(Its advised to take technical supervision while accessing these functions on

  • If you recently changed your ISP(internet service provider) you can simply run setup wizard to configure new connection.
  • SSID change and wireless password change can be done in the wireless settings.
  • also provide access to the attached devices on your network. So the intruders can be checked here.
  • Firmware upgrade can be done from inbuilt dashboard which is the most brilliant feature of Netgear regularly upgrade the firmware’s of their router to provide stability patches and security updates which can be done from Firmware Upgrade tab on dashboard.
  • Port Forwarding and Port Triggering can be done from the dashboard of by entering the port numbers and selecting the device from the list. This feature enables gaming devices, VOIP phones, multimedia devices and plenty of other services in your home network.
  • DMZ settings can be enabled. Some gaming devices like play station, Xbox and Nintendo require opening of multiple ports which is kind of complicated but makes it possible with just one click. Go to DMZ enable it put the ip address of the device and that’s it done!
  • Mac cloning can be done for certain internet service providers from internet setting in

What is or is known as the default web address for router login. Using this web address, you can easily log in to your router and configure its settings as per your preferences.

I lost the router configuration CD. How do I install my router?

In this case, you can use the smart setup wizard to install and configure your router. To access the smart wizard, navigate to routerlogin net page via a web browser.

After that, go through the mentioned on-screen instructions to set up and configure your WiFi router.

How to change router admin password?

In order to change your router’s admin password, here are the must-follow steps:

  1. Go to the default web user interface of your router.
  2. Click on the Set Password option.
  3. Next, fill in the old password and then the new one.
  4. At last, click on the Apply button.

If you face any issue while changing the router password, feel free to get in touch with our knowledgeable experts.

How do I update my router firmware?

Having the latest firmware on your router increases its functionality, stability, and performance. For router firmware update, consider the following instructions:

  1. Launch a web browser and go to web address.
  2. Enter the router username and password.
  3. Hit Log In.
  4. Click on the Router Firmware Update option.
  5. If a new firmware is available, click on the Yes option.
  6. Wait until the router firmware updates.

That’s how you can update your WiFi router’s firmware.

How do I perform factory reset on my router?

Keep in mind that a factory reset will wipe out all personalized settings such as WiFi network name, password, and security settings of your router. Even if you want to proceed, here’s how to reset your router:

  1. Turn on your WiFi router.
  2. Now, locate the Factory Reset button on it.
  3. Once found, press the button using a pin-like device.

That’s it! Your router resets. If the Reset button method doesn’t work for you, use the web-based interface to perform WiFi router reset. To know how to reset the router using the web interface, get assistance from our experts.

Can I change the MTU size of my WiFi router?

Yes, you can do so! Changing the MTU size also helps you get rid of the slow internet issue even after configuring the router settings accurately. Following steps will let you change the router’s MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit) size:

  1. Access routerlogin net web page via an internet browser.
  2. Next, fill the correct router login credentials.
  3. After you logged in, the router dashboard will appear.
  4. Click on Wireless Settings and change the MTU size.
  5. Finally, hit Save to make the changes effective.

Congrats! You have successfully changed the MTU size of your router.

AC1750 R6400 Setup Issues

  • First of all, check all the cable connections – power cable and the Ethernet cable.
  • Ensure that the Netgear AC1750 R6400 router is getting adequate power supply.
  • Keep a visible distance between the router and modem. This will ensure that WiFi signals are not clashing.
  • In case you have many devices currently connected with your network, turn off the devices that are not in use.
  • If routerlogin net not working, check the web browser first.
  • The web browser should not be outdated.
  • Clear the cache and cookies, also disable any proxy servers if using.
  • In case you’re connected through wireless, establish a hard-wired connection.
  • If Netgear default username and password not working, double-check the credentials from the manual.
  • Reboot the whole network and power cycle router as well as modem.
  • For lost credentials issues, hard reset your router.
  • For Netgear 404 error, check the DNS servers and hard refresh the web page.
  • To resolve VPN issues during the Netgear AC1750 R6400 Setup, disable the proxy servers and the firewall.
  • Netgear Router Orange Light errors can be eliminated by identifying and troubleshooting the various connectivity issues with the router.
  • To deal with Netgear Router error 651, reinstall the network adapter driver manager under the control panel and update the firmware of your router.

Nighthawk AC1750 Firmware Update | R6400

Updating the Firmware helps resolve various issues with your router and also provides new functionalities. Here’s how you can update Netgear AC1750 firmware:

  • Navigate to the download center to download the latest Netgear AC1750 firmware.
  • On the download center, type Netgear R6400 firmware in the search bar and hit enter.
  • Download the latest available Netgear AC1750 R6400 firmware file.
  • Connect the computer to the router using the Ethernet cable.
  • Use a web browser to open
  • Enter your login credentials and hit Log In.
  • Click on Advanced under the Administrator.
  • Tap on “Firmware update” option.
  • Choose Upload, and select the downloaded file.
  • Do not interrupt the Netgear R6400 firmware update process.